Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Business Paper 1: Geo-Marketing


last week I was not working on my master thesis, but on my compensation work for a business class called "Marketing & Sales" at my home university in Salzburg.

I am writing about "Geo-Marketing".

Here you find my paper:
Geo Marketing

I had to write the paper in German. So I am sorry that not everybody will understand it. Nevertheless, I am happy about any comments or suggestions :-)


P.S.: My second compensation work for the class "International Economics" will be about "Geo-Information - Value and economic feasibility". I want to finish it as soon as possible, so that I can concentrate on my thesis again.

Friday, March 15, 2013



like mentioned in my last post, I was looking at standards of geo-sensor networks this week.

You can see the results of my work under the following GoogleDrive-link:

I know that my quotations are not perfect. I wrote the document in Microsoft Word. I will copy the text later in my Latech-template where I am using JabRef for quotations.

I started working on my business paper about "Geo Marketing". I have to write the paper in German, so I think it makes no sense publishing it here.
I also joined a math and computer science seminar this week at HPU about "Integrating Project-based Computing into Secondary Science and Mathematics" by Stewart Crawford. It was really interesting :-)

Cheers, Tanja

Friday, March 8, 2013

Requirements Engineering


as there have been some misunderstandings regarding my geo-sensor simulations, I worked this week on requirements engineering.

I made a requirements engineering specification, like I learned it in a course at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg a view semesters ago (by Roland Graf and Dietmar Glachs).

I also found the the Berkley lecture 6 about scenarios quite useful for that purpose:

Here you can find my requirements engineering document:
Requirements Engineering Document

I uploaded a PDF-document, because I find it quite hard to format a table with blogger ...
I am thankful for ever comment or suggestion :-)

My next steps: I want to look at standards, before I continue. I already read some papers from Bernd Resch (a scientist working in Heidelberg/Germany), where he writes about geo sensor standards. I should also check out that website: