Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Temporary End Version


here you can find my temporary end version of the thesis:

Thesis - Microsoft Word

Thesis - PDF

I tried to implement all the suggestions from you. Hope its fine like this.
  • I tried to avoid using too many bullet points
    But I also did not delete all of them, cause I think sometimes they are useful for the clarity of the text
  • I implemented the spelling and grammar corrections from Sam
  • I updated the visualization part
    It is now possible to save visualizations and to load them again
    User story: a scientist wants to give his visualizations to his colleague, so that the colleague can also use them in his simulation
  • I corrected the  sequence diagrams
I will put it all in Latech in summer. But at the moment, the microsoft word version is easier for me and I think for correcting too.

I am heading to San Francisco tomorrow and I will be back in Honolulu on 25th June.

Curt Powley (Chair of the Computer Science Department here) asked me to hold a talk about my thesis at HPU. It it expected to take place in the first week of July.

Cheers, Tanja