Friday, March 15, 2013



like mentioned in my last post, I was looking at standards of geo-sensor networks this week.

You can see the results of my work under the following GoogleDrive-link:

I know that my quotations are not perfect. I wrote the document in Microsoft Word. I will copy the text later in my Latech-template where I am using JabRef for quotations.

I started working on my business paper about "Geo Marketing". I have to write the paper in German, so I think it makes no sense publishing it here.
I also joined a math and computer science seminar this week at HPU about "Integrating Project-based Computing into Secondary Science and Mathematics" by Stewart Crawford. It was really interesting :-)

Cheers, Tanja


  1. hi tanja,

    thank you very much for your standard overview paper. I will go through it the next days. Please let me know if I can help you with your business papers - of course providing feedback only ;)

  2. Hi Thomas! Thanks! :-) I think I am fine with my business papers at the moment ... but I will upload the finished version on the blog before I sent it to Prof. Mayr.