Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Theoretical Part


I finished the first three (theoretical) chapters of the thesis according to my proposal:

I also added a chapter called "Challenges" and changed the order of the chapters a bit.

Please find my text here:

Theoretical Part - PDF

Theoretical Part - DOC

  • Is it okay like that?
  • Is anything missing or should I change or add something?

I wrote it in Microsoft Word, cause I had a lot of formatting problems with Latech :-(
I will put it all in Latech before handing the thesis in ... but I think for the moment word is much nicer for me - the spelling correction is really useful and I know how to handle the software.

I have another question: does anybody of you know, where I can correct my text? I am no English native speaker, I am sure there are a lot of English grammar mistakes in it :-(
Sam, do you may know someone at HPU who can help me correct it?

Thank you very much for your help,


  1. hi tanja,

    thx for the first chapters. I will check them out until next week. don't worry due to the LaTeX problems. For corrections and versioning, the word version works just fine and is even easier for me to correct. In regard to your question concerning the English support. Well, I can give you hints during the correction. However, I am not a native speaker and therefore it would be better to find someone at HPU to support you - if this is possible.

  2. Hi Thomas,
    thanks! I uploaded the .doc too now ... it's better to correct than the .pdf

  3. I think sensibly I'd read it through for you - I will see if I can find time this week ...

  4. Hi Tanja, I just exported your doc to google docs so that anyone can edit it online (and track changes). I started editing the first paragraph, and will continue to work on it when I have time:

  5. Hi Sam,
    thanks’ very much for your help!
    My roommates told me, that there is also a tuition center at HPU which corrects student papers (spelling and grammar). So I think when the content is fine, I can ask them for help too.