Sunday, May 5, 2013

Data Visualization

Dear readers,

this week I started working on the visualization part.

After the sensor called "Humidity" is checked and clicking the button "Show" ...

... my visualisation mask pops up:

  • Description
    Per default here stands the name of the selected sensor
  • Destination
    The destination, where the sensor file is stored
  • Data
    The current data in the sensor
  • Refresh
    The user has to click this button for refreshing the sensor data
  • Cancel
    Closes the mask
  • Show
    A new window showing the visualization opens

Coordinate system:

The coordinate system shows the timestamps on the x-axis (displayed interval = 1) and the actual data on the y-axis.

At first, I was not sure, how to visualize data with C#.
I started with online research. I found some self-made graphics and wanted to draw a graph on my own. But this started to get really complicated ... so I restarted browsing the Internet and came up with a open source library from the website "Code Project":

I implemented this code in my project. It works really fine now :-)
(see project called "Simulation" on Github

At the beginning, I wanted to implement two different visualization methods.
I did some research on the Internet/books, but I don't know, which second method I should implement for my kind of data?
My sensor files contain just a timestamp and a value, but nothing else (e.g. 25.04.2013 09:17:59;93).
So I am not sure, if I should implement a second visualization or better try to focus on the processing/mining of the data (the storage in a versioning system).

Concerning my last post: I am now able to store the content of the linked sensors in a new construct-file.
I use another library from Code Project called "Math Parser".

It calculates the result out of my Link-text-field:

At the moment I link the two last lines in each text-file according to a given interval. I think it is quite hard to know which lines of two .txt-files with different sensor intervals belong to each other.


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