Sunday, May 12, 2013

Simulation GIT


after my simulation using the version control system SVN works, I implemented now the same with GIT.

I added a button called "Settings" on the simulation start screen.

When clicking the button, the settings can be chosen:

(I stored all the standard settings as default value).
When the settings for GIT are chosen, the text "GIT" is displayed on the top right corner of the start screen (instead of SVN) and when linking two constructs, a different windows service using GIT is started up.

I wanted to let the user chose, if the GIT version should store to the local repository or to the remote one on Github. I spend nearlly two full days browsing the internet and searching the source code: seems like it is not implemented to push to a remote repository while using the library Gitsharp.

So far, I experienced the following advantages/disadvantages with the two versioning systems:

I am currently working on the documentation of my practical implementation. I hope to be able to upload this document next week.

Cheers, Tanja

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