Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Update: Visualization


this week I added two new visualization methods to my simulation (see code on Github).

Updated visualization screen with the following options: Curve, Pie Chart and Bars

 The bar view

The pie chart

It is now also possible to view more than one sensor/constructs with each visualization option for comparison.

Here is an example of the curve viewing data for humidity and temperature:

I am currently updating my documentation with your hints and suggestions.
Thanks very much for your help!!

One hint from Thomas, which I don't really understand is:
... you should again think about your scenarios and the COMBINATION of constructs. ATM, you thought of combinations as mathematical equations. Combinations can also mean the visual combination of several graphs (constructs). This would also be a 'construct' that could be used itself ...

How can I visually combine sensors? If two constructs are nearly the same, storing e.g.  the mean value of them?
A concrete example (like a user story) would be great. I think I don't really understand what you mean with visual combinations.

Thanks a lot!

Cheers, Tanja

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